Aurumroma is the new Beachwear and Apparel brand Made in Italy, created by Michele Morrone and the Designer Chiara Pollano

All the collections are created starting by the ideal of solemn beauty, as a symbol of ancient glories and mythology, revisited with a contemporary and modern reading.  

The inspiration comes from Rome, from its culture, its beauty and its history. 

An experiment of refined style, with well-defined distinctive features, prioritizing the achievement of the highest quality standards. 

A mission to capture the female bodies elegant and majestic-like features with every stitch of Italy’s finest fabrics. Ensuring that every piece has it’s own unique and mysterious story that is told with every stroke of thread.

A bold vision captured by Michele Morrone and Chiara Pollano that intends to redefine the meaning behind women’s fashion, and to truly enhance the experience of Italian clothing. A true representation of Italian heritage and the essence behind Aurumroma that always puts the female body first.

An entirely Made in Italy production: from the research of materials, to the definition of each prototype, to the creation of the garments. A production process entrusted to the best artisan excellence and followed in every phase, from printing on the fabric at the beginning to the closure of the packaging.

 Not  just a product, but the heart of Aurumroma’s Team